Minnesota Zoo – Reef Fish Tank

The Minnesota Zoo has a really nice aquarium area.  One of the tanks is a reef fish tank that is packed with fish.  When Matthew and I visited with our friend, Ken Balfanz, in the Fall of 2010, we were given a tour of the facilities.  One of the highlights was being on hand when this big aquarium was being fed.  Notice the albino sharks!  They were born in this tank, and are apparently quite rare.

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    1. Hi Kevin,

      Merry Christmas! I am not having that problem. The links go to YouTube, so maybe there is a setting on your computer? What browser are you using?

  1. you sould come back to MN! the reef is in the process of being redone and is going to be beautiful. and by the way i remember when thoes albinos where pups, back in holding.

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