Julidochromis regani… pair?

A friend of mine, Rick, recently sold his house and will not be able to set up his new fish room until after his new home is built.  I do not look forward to the day when I have to tear down my fish room.  Lots of work… and a depressing chore to boot!  I offered to keep a few of Rick’s fish for him until he can get set back up, and one of the species he has deposited with me is the Lake Tanganyika cichlid Julidochromis regani.  Rick brought a colony of six fish over, and I pulled out these two fish to keep separately as, I hope, a breeding pair.  Rick has had the fish for a couple years, but had never seen a spawn.  The larger of these two fish is pretty robust, and based upon some research I think that it is a female.  Apparently, the females of this species that get larger and thicker.  I chose the largest of the more slender specimens, that was also very colorful, in hopes that it is a male.  The last clue that they may be a pair is that they get along.  The larger ‘female’ tolerates the smaller ‘male’, and they often forage together in the front area of the tank (where I can actually see them).  All of the other Julidochromis species I have fight all the time, so I have to assume that if they are not breeding they would be fighting.  Please take look and let me know if you think that these two fish at least have the potential to form a pair.  Are they at least male and female?

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  1. I think you will have fry within a month.
    Seeing the male in the cave is a good sign. The female should join him real soon.
    Good Luck

  2. I have a five year old colony of ornatus in a 55. The water is hard and the temp is 75 deg. I do nothing other than feed them and take care of the water. I periodically pull some for auctions. I also have dickfreldi that have bred, but not as often as the ornatus.

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