Welcome to My Fishroom

This video is the first in a series of blogs about my fish room.  This one is a quick look at the room and a preview of the segments that I plan to add to the blog.  I have no idea how many videos I will add to the series.  I will start with the basics:  insulating the room, adding electricity, the air sytem, racking, etc.  I will also produce some videos about how the tanks are filtered, how I go about doing water changes, making and using R/O water, growing live foods and whatever I else I can come up with.  Feel free to make suggestions.

When we were looking for a house, my wife concerned herself with things like closet space, the washer and drier hookups, local schools and the distance of her daily commute (I only need to go as far as the basement).  She went on the tour of the house.  I went in search of the fish room.  The basement was completely unfinished.  Bare cement walls and floor, and all the household machinery (furnace, water heater, etc…) are all located in one corner of the room.  There is a utility sink and a sewer clean-out in the floor that can double as a floor drain.  The only flaw I could see was that it is not a walk-out basement.  No room is perfect.

We closed on the house in early September and the room had its first racks operating by the end of October.  During that time I added three 20 amp breakers to the room, insulated the walls, installed an air system and build fish racks.  What you see in this video is the current arrangement after five years in operation.  The room looks quite a bit different that it did at first (I did a big remodel last August).

The first thing I did when building the room was to build the framing for the insulated walls and then wire the additional electrical circuits.  The next video will cover electricity, which is probably one of the LAST things people think about when building a fishroom… but it should really be one of the first!

10 Replies to “Welcome to My Fishroom”

  1. That is a great looking fishroom, Ted!! I am glad that I found your site and will be checking in frequently. I have to watch your other installments right now.

  2. Hey Ted i was wondering when you are going to do your video on water.. I would love to hear what you have to say about that. about filtering and your ro system. and etc 😀 I love all your video’s so far

  3. i really like all of your videos. i am anxiouslly awaiting more videos on the water and breeding setups and fry rearing. Great videos and keep up the good work!

  4. I have watched your videos and found them very helpful, esp heating a multi-tank room. I asked my stay at home wife on doing this and she said go for it. Your a very popular person in the Cichlid community and I plan some future sales with you. I am not a lover of the commercial/local fish stores. Thank you and happy holidays. John A 60107

  5. Wow, what an awesome setup. This is inspiring. Thank you for sharing. I’ll be using some of your ideas when I finally take the plunge and build my fish room!

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