Cichlids and Swords 2

Here is the new video of the same tank with H. tamasopoensis and X. montezumae.  The current is generated by a 2400 gph circulation pump (Aqueon) embedded in the Poret foam filter (it is in the hole you can see in the middle of the wall).  That pump really churns up the water!  The movement of the grass plants indicates the current, but when the food appears in the video you can get a really good idea of how fast that water is flowing.  The tank looks very natural to me, and the fish are thriving.

There is a pair starting to develop amongst the cichlids.  The dominant male has taken up residence under the larger rock in the center of the pile.  His female is smaller and is starting to get the black markings that will show that she is spawning.  Right now the black in on her ventral fins and her breast, but the color should expand on her body a lot.  The other cichlids are not being harmed by the pair, but they are also spread out to the far corners of the tank!

Most of the swords were much smaller when I got them last September.  The old male is starting to look really old, but the younger male is starting to come into his prime condition.  Some of the females look gravid, and I will be removing them before they drop their fry so that the cichlids will not get them.  Eventually I would like to see at least 2x this number of swordtails in the tank.

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