Ted’s Fishroom – Electricity

The third installment of my fish room series talks about the basics of electricity when setting up a room.  There are two basic concepts to consider.  First, make sure that there is enough capacity in the room to meet projected needs.  Second, take steps to reduce the energy consumption of the room.  Electricity is the most expensive consumable in a fish room.  I know more than a few people who have been caught by surprise by a higher-than-expected electricity bill after turning on a new rack of tanks.  As with anything, there is a way to go cheap and a way to go expensive.  When it comes to electricity, however, paying up front for more energy-efficient equipment (air pumps, space heaters, appliances and especially lights) will earn their money back in energy savings.

3 Replies to “Ted’s Fishroom – Electricity”

  1. Thanks, Ted, for the awesome serious of articles on how you designed your fish room! The static pages you had up before were nice, but the new video pages are great. I am in the planning stages of a fish room that takes up 1/3 of my basement, and your videos are providing excellent design advice!

    Chris Todd

  2. Hi Ted,
    Great series. I wish you had stated it a couple of years ago. You already have me strating two modification projects. Quick question, in the opening sceen of your series, are those antlers on top of the tank?

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