Aulonacara aquilonium

This peacock is very uncommon in the hobby.  I purchased six juveniles in April, 2010, at the Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts’ workshop.  The fish were donated to the club by Steve Lundblad, an expert on Aulonacara.  Steve has colonies of almost all the peacock species and locations, at least those that are available.  I bought the fish for my son, Matthew, who is really into the Lake Malawi cichlids.  He raised them well, but it turned out that there were at least 4, more likely 5, males in the group of six.  This video shows the most dominant male.  The ‘female’ in the video is, in my opinion, a confused male that will not color up in the presence of the larger male.  We have another fish that is most likely a female, but she does not appear in the video.

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