National Missisippi River Museum

The National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium is one of my family’s favorite places to visit.  Any tme we are traveling near DuBuque, Iowa, we will make the time to stop and spend a couple hours there.  This video was shot in January, 2011, so we were not able to take advantage of the outdoor displays (which are very cool too).  The museum opened a new building in June, 2010.  This is the new River Museum, and has displays about all the USA major rivers.  It also has some live animal displays… which are all salt water.  Huh…?  Regardless, fish aquariums are always fun to look at.  For more information about the museums, visit .

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  1. That is an amazing place been there a couple times on our way back from Cedar Falls and Waterloo swap meets. It was before the new building was open so we are planning on stopping in October on our way back from “Salute to the Hobbyist”.

    Thanks for the video Ted


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