Paracyprichromis nigripinnis

I previously posted a video showing the Lake Tanganyika shell-dweller Lamprologus ocellatus ‘gold’.  They share a 50 breeder aquarium with the larger and upper space-oriented Paracyprichromis nigripinnis.  This is one of my favorite ‘cyps’, because is stays a bit smaller than the Cyprichromis species and is not as aggressive.  And they are strikingly pretty.  A showing male is a dark pink with neon blue edges.  They really stand out in a tank.  This species is a mouth brooder, but my fish are just getting to the size that I expect them to start spawning.  Hopefully there will be some females with eggs soon.

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  1. I keep a group of Paracyprichromis Nigripinnes in an 85 gallon, 5 foot long tank. They do a lot of breeding but it’s been difficult for me to keep the newborn fry alive. They seem to die within 24 hours even if kept in the same water as their parents are breeding in. I’ve had the best luck stripping the females early in egg development and tumbling the eggs. Once I get the eggs/fry past the first 24 hours, they do very well for me. I don’t have this problem of keeping fry alive with any of my other African cichlids.

  2. I just stripped a female last night after she had been holding for at least 2 weeks. She had 4 fry that were much bigger than I would have thought when I stripped them. Keep your fingers crossed I have them in the same tank water as the parents, we will see how they do.

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