Scott Carlson’s Fish Room

Scott Carlson is a hobbyist in the Quad Cities area (Iowa/Illinois) who I have known for a while from American Cichlid Association conventions and other aquarium events.  Having the chance to visit his fish room was a real treat.  Scott’s room is great for viewing fish.  It is set up like a store:  dark room, lights directly over the tanks and clean glass.  He filters the tanks with sponge filters.  One of the filters in each tank is usually powered by a water pump that creates current.  The others are powered by air that is provided by a linear piston air pump.

The vertical PVC pipe with a strainer that can be seen in a couple of the tanks is a part of the water change system.  Scott uses gravity to drain water out through that pipe when he urns a valve over a drain in his floor.  There is a water delivery spigot over the tanks that he attaches a hose to in order to refill the tanks.  I had a lot of pictures of the system, but I lost the images in a tragic laptop file accident.  The problem was between the chair and the keyboard.  At least you get to see Scott’s pretty fish….

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  1. Jombie

    Ted, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your site. I love all of your videos, especially the tours of other hobbyist’s fish rooms. It really highlights the everyday cichlid keeper like me. I can’t wait until your talk at the OCA meeting this year. Thanks for everything you do for the hobby. I’ll continue to check your site every day.

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