Going Gabon! – Collecting Near Cocobeach

The first day of collecting in Gabon was at locations along the road north of Libreville up towards the town of Cocobeach.  We had to wait in Libreville for some members of the group having travel difficulties, and for some late-arriving luggage, so those of us already in Gabon decided dipping a net was better than waiting around.  The area of Cocobeach does not hold any of our target species, but you never know what you might find.  I apologize for the over-use of still images.  I apparently had a problem with the memory card I used in the video camera the first few days of the trip, and did not manage to make is home with video footage.

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  1. Ted,
    Thanks for taking the time to share your travels with us! I am looking forward to the rest of your videos.

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