Paradise Fish

I have not posted a video of fish in my room in a while.  Here is a clip of some new acquisitions… paradise gouramies.  I have always admired the showiness of this genus (Macropodus), and I recently had the opportunity to photograph some great looking specimens and then keep them to try to breed.  The aquarium they are in is one of my new photography tanks.  I will be posting a video series about setting them up and maintaining them.  Enjoy…

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  1. I really like this idea, Ted. My only concern is that (in my opinion) your site is visited by people who know you, therefore know the hobby (or vice versa). Is this necessarily true? Either way, are you doing anything to promote your site/this series at the beginner level?

  2. Stunning! I had a pair (male and female) of the blue type of Paradise fish for years. They were beautiful and extremely hardy. Seemed to get along well with the other fish in the tank as well, even a betta splendens who was also in there. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I though you couldn’t have more than one per tank as they are aggressive towards each other. How did you manage to get so many to behave so peacefully?

    1. If the tank is large enough and there is a lot of cover, you can keep several together. A group of males will live together very well, displaying almost constantly, and not really fight because there is no female to fight over.

      1. How big are the fish and the tank in the video? I have a 29 gallon planted tank with one blue paradise and some small tetras. I would love to have more of these wonderful fish. Would it be possible in my situation?

        1. That tank is a 30 gallon, but to be honest, those fish were in there for a photo shoot. I have a group of them in a 75 planted tank that do fine. In a 29, maybe two or three.

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