Monterey Bay Aquarium – Jellyfish and Seahorses

The Jellyfish Gallery at Monterey Bay Aquarium has been recently updated, and I happened to be there just after it reopened.  A part of that renovation is the large Outer Bay aquarium (which holds tuna, other large pelagic fish and was at one time the home to a great white shark), but that tank had not reopened yet.  I have something to look forward to on my next visit!

The aquarium also features a couple temporary exhibits, and one of them is the Secret Lives of Seahorses.  This gallery has been open for quite a while, and the curators have been making great strides in the breeding and raising of seahorses.  While I was there one of the weedy sea dragon males was carrying eggs.  Hopefully the staff will be successful in rearing the fry once they are born.

This video is a little different than most of the tours I have posted.  I decided to forgo commentary and let the visual tell it all.  Enjoy.

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