The wild oscars are a year old…

In my possession anyway.  I got them in August 2011 as 2″ juveniles, so I suspect that they were hatched (in the wild) sometime around April 2011.  The video was shot last April (yes… I am very behind on video production).  These fish are wild caught Astronotus ocellaris from the Rio Orinoco.

This video does not do the fish justice, so I will try to shoot another clip this week.  I had six of them when the video was made, but they were very shy.  I decided to make some room in the tank by letting a friend have a couple of them.  The remaining four come out all the time.  I must have given away the bullies!

4 Replies to “The wild oscars are a year old…”

  1. Hi Ted,
    Beautiful video as always. Just an observation. It seems like your wild Oscars are more streamlined and less chunky or blocky then the domesticated varieties that you see in the stores. Its too bad. These guys really look more graceful.. I really enjoy your site.

    1. Thanks Chuck! The wild varieties are more streamlined than tank strains. I think that is a result of selective breeding for big, robust oscars.

  2. How about an updated video. They have to have grown a lot. I did those rainbow cichlids too, taking me back to my childhood with those fish. Jack

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