Stock Shop Open!

I closed the Stock Shop in January 2010 because I was not producing fish in numbers high enough to sell.  Then a lot of other stuff prevented me from catching back up until a few months ago.  Looking around the fish room today I came to the conclusion that I have a lot of fish that need to do (and my wife pointed out to me that I have a few bills to pay), so the Stock Shop in now open.  Click on the link in the top menu bar to see what is for sale.

The highlights are probably the first juveniles of one of the cichlid species I brought back from Gabon last winter:  Parananochromis brevirostris.  I have been raising fry for a while until they are old enough to be able to sex.  They are just getting to that point, and I can see both males and females in the first batch (but I am not sure of the ratio yet).  I am selling them in groups of six.  Here is a picture:

I also have a lot of the stunning little rice fish from Indonesia, Oryzias woworae.  No pic yet… google the name, there are several on the web.