Allen Wood’s Fish Room

I hope that getting this blog post up will be the catalyst for keeping up with the backlog of videos and posts I have NOT been doing.  My apologies…

Allen Wood is a good friend of mine who maintains a fish room in Pueblo, Colorado.  Allen has a lifetme of experience with fish, and in the past decade or so has dedicated most of his space to threatened and endangered live bearer species from North and Central America.  Allen’s fish room has a fully automated water change system, but not a single drilled aquarium!  There is hope for all of us who want automation without the hassle of drilled tanks.

6 Replies to “Allen Wood’s Fish Room”

  1. Hi Ted,
    Are Allen’s siphons self-starting, or does he have to “prime” them (displace the air in the tubing with water), when he initially introduces the siphon into the tank?

  2. Dropping in from the ALA site, What a great blog! Nice work, Ted.

    Allen, I’m moving in. You may want to let the wife know before I arrive. 😉

  3. Allen,
    How do you know the barn gets pretty cold in the winter?
    Gary at Sweetwater

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