Select Aquatics of Erie, Colorado

Greg Sage is a talented aquarist who has built a viable business out of his hobby in his basement.  I have never seen a more productive fish room!  The number and quality of fish Greg has is astounding.  And his fish room is designed to make it possible.

Select Aquatics is a retail business.  If you are interested in purchasing some of Greg’s fish, feel free to contact him through his web site:  Select Aquatics

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  1. Hello, all my friends were laughing of me, because I was looking for years after Skiffia, xenotoca and other livebearers wich I see at your marvelous fishroom. I’m an acvarist to, with a room of tanks, but not so well equipped and rich in species like yours. I enjoyed this virtual visit. Congratulation, Feri

  2. I had the pleasure of visiting Select Aquatics and I was blown away by the vivid colors and the energy of all the fish. Gregg has learned the secret to keeping fish healthy and hardy. The colors and health of his fish are outstanding. Photos don’t do it justice. I now have six tanks with his fish and they are great. Try a few, you will love them.

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