Getting Started w/Repashy Superfoods

As promised, here is a video with more detail on mixing and using the Repashy Superfoods.  There are many different ways to present the food to fish.  Be creative!  Everyone would like to hear about you ideas, so post them in this blog thread if you want to.

I will be traveling to several aquarium events this year.  If you would like me to deliver the food to you at one of them, here is what you need to do.  Go ahead and use the on line shopping cart, but choose manual payment instead of Pay Pal.  At check out, leave me a note in the instructions box to bring the food with me to whatever event you will be at.  An email reminder would help too.  When we settle up you can pay me cash or check, and we will back out the cost of shipping.  You will only pay to price of the product.

My next visit will be to the New England Cichlid Association in CT on February 4th.  After that I will be in Raleigh for the club’s workshop the weekend of Feb. 18.  Hope to see you there!

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    1. I like Soilent Green for Pelvicachromis, because they are primarily plant detritus feeders and algae makes up a significant portion of their diet.

  1. Ted, I love the flexibility of this food. I created 3 different types of presentations, and all of my fish are taking to it quickly. Thanks for all of your diligence on bringing this product to market.

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