Parananochromis gabonicus Defending Their Fry

Next month marks a year since the trip to Gabon to collect fish.  Here is a video of one of the cichlid species I brought back, Parananochromis gabonicus.  I had been keeping pairs in 20 gallon aquariums up until about two months ago.  The pairs were spawning, but in between spawns the males were very rough on the females.  Plus, the males were going to outgrow the tanks.  I moved all of the fish (two males and three females) into this 40-gallon breeder aquarium, added a big pile of wood for cover, a school of hardy tetras (Moenkhausia agnesae) and four or five well hidden breeding caves.  A few weeks ago the most dominant male and one of the females spawned, and chose the most observable cave to breed in.  Good fish!!!

When the pairs were spawning in the smaller tanks there were no target or dither fish in with them.  The female would turn her defensive attention on the only other fish in the tank… the male.  This led me to believe that the male of this species does not take an active role in caring for the fry… not true!  As this video documents….

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