Corydoras caudimaculatus… Afternoon Delight!

I have been working on conditioning this group of catfish for a few months.  When I got them they were thin, but not a single fish died.  I have always liked this species, but never had any success breeding them.  But neither have I ever had this many at one time.  I noticed breeding behavior for the first time a couple weeks ago, but the catfish shared the tank with some rainbow fish grow outs and a LOT of horn wort.  I got all that cleaned out over the weekend, did a big water change and added the yarn mops you will see in the video.  I noticed that the fish were spawning when I went into the fish room at about 5:00 this afternoon.

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  1. Good luck with the Caudimaculatus. I have had them for many years. Most of the time no hatch or if a small hatch the fry died in a day or two. Last year I finally raised two. Best luck at hatching was on a cold cellar floor in RO peat water and an alder cone. Fry are best kept in black water for a few weeks.

    1. The fry started hatching yesterday, and the hatch rate looks to be about 90%. I keep them in RO with a alder cone and a pile of long-fiber sphagnum moss. They are very small fry! I put in some paramecium just in case they start eating earlier than I expect them to. Thanks for the help!

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