March Issue of Aquarium International – The Freshwater Magazine

The New edition of Aquarium International – The Freshwater Magazine is available for download to your iPad or as a PDF. Got to to check it out.

This issue includes articles on collecting fish in Bolivia, French Guiana and Gabon. Breeding articles cover Betta tussyae and the freshwater pipefish Doryichthys martensii (the pictures are incredible!). Planted Aquarium 101 is our first column, and is dedicated to the basics of planted aquariums and will feature different authors (this month’s topic is how to set up a basic layered substrate with soil). Ingo Seidel tells us about the plight of Sturisoma festivum (the true long-finned farlowella) in the hobby, and Wolfgang Staeck reintroduces us to the Jack Dempsey cichlid and brings us up to date with what is new in the genus Rocio, as well as the origins of the electric blue phenotype. Lots of video in this issue (for the iPad edition). Please take a look!

3 Replies to “March Issue of Aquarium International – The Freshwater Magazine”

  1. I downloaded and read the issue. There is way to much collecting trip (vacation) articles. I never read these in any aquarium magazine. They are all essentially the same. We traveled to some exotic place at great expense, waded around in some water, caught some fish, and took a bunch of photos. Boring! Other magazines have theses too.

    There is no how to info. In depth articles on how to build a fish room, filters, stands racks, water processing etc would be great.

    I liked the cory breeding article.

    No salt water? I think that is a real plus I have zero interest in salt water.

    I don’t currently subscribe to any aquarium magazines because most of the content is totally useless to me.

    Even though the signal to noise ratio is terrible (mostly noise) I find that the internet is a better source than magazines. I can zero in quickly on what I’m looking for and not waste time having things pushed at me that I do not care about. Magazines are not searchable.

    1. THanks for the feedback Robert. You should get the March issue. Yes, there are more collecting articles, but there are also two breeding articles (Betta tussyae and Doryichthys martensii), and a ‘how to’ article on using a layered substrate for plants using soil. I would love to see more how to articles. Contact me if you would like to write one!

  2. One comment from Robert should be that the magazine did state the magazine was for Freshwater. One edit I would make would be that Ingo’s article lists: Sutrisoma aureum as S. aurem. It might seem small but should be prevented in the future. I do believe you have to look at other magazines like Robert said and see what is not currently being done.

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