InterZoo 2012

Many of the largest pet industry companies in the world gather every other year in Nurnberg, Germany, for InterZoo… one of the two largest distributor trade shows in the world (the other is Aquarama, held in opposite years in Singapore).  All aspects of the pet trade are represented, and the aquarium displays steal the show.  From huge koi ponds to nano tanks (both fresh and marine), everything available in the hobby can be seen at InterZoo.  Here is a video of only of small sampling of the cool stuff I saw this year.

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  1. Ted,

    Thank you for the video of InterZoo. I would have loved to have gone but wholesale tropical fish doesn’t allow for a lot of extra manpower to cover my shifts while I am away. (read: I’m much too cheap to spend money on staff when I can do it myself) Your video was a big treat to run across on the web — please don’t stop making such great views into “our” side of the hobby.


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