New Repashy Superfoods!

There are two new varieties of Repashy Superfoods:

Super Green – A totally vegan diet

Spawn & Grow – A diet specifically designed as a supplement to promote spawning, fry growth and recovery during quarantine

Both new varieties are now available in the store.

4 Replies to “New Repashy Superfoods!”

  1. Spawn & Grow provides a burst of lipids and protein that will encourage the production of healthy eggs with energy-rich yolks, as well as providing the breeders with the extra lipid and protein to help them through the stress of breeding. It is not intended to be a staple diet for adult fish, but should be used as a supplemental feed when conditioning fish to spawn.

    1. Hi Matt… yes. Betta breeders are using Repashy and really like it. The best formula for fry is Spawn & Grow. It is also good for conditioning breeders. I feed it to all my wild type Betta species.

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