Chromidotilapia guentheri guentheri pair

Hey!  An actual fish video… from my fish room!  About freakin’ time!

C. g. guentheri is the most widely distributed species in the genus.  This pair was imported from Ghana, and were said to have been collected in Lake Volta.  That lake is a reservoir which happens to have the largest surface area of all the reservoirs in the world, and the fourth largest by volume.  Two river systems were flooded in 1965 to make the lake:  the White Volta and the Black Volta.  C. g. guentheri is actually a river fish that has been able to make the switch to living in a lake.  I hate to think about all the species that did not….

What I like most about the genus Chromidotilapia is the diversity of behaviors and communication they display.  While all cichlids are great communicators, these West African mouthbrooders seem to be very clear in how they talk to each other and their fry.  You will some some examples of that in the video.  Enjoy…

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  1. Nice video. I love the sow mo replays. Question for you, what kind of soil do you use with your plants? I seem to always, over time, loose any plants I put in my soft water tanks. Is there any particular plants you use more? Or a specific soil you use in your pots?

    1. Probably not any cichlids. C. g. g. can grow to be quite large and aggressive fish, especially towards other cichlids. African tetras and barbs are good. Synodontis catfish too. If you do not care about being biotope-specific, any larger barb, rainbow, danio or tetra will do.

      1. Hi Ted,

        Your thoughts about keeping this grouping together in a 55 gallon aquarium.

        Arnoldichthys spilopterus
        Hemigrammopetersius caudalis
        Puntius tetrazona
        guentheri guentheri

        1. That would all work together. Adding more female cichlids will not ease his plight, because eventually the dominant breeding pair will try to evict all the other cichlids, especially in a 55.

  2. Currently I have 3 C.g.g. two males one female one male hides a great deal of the time would a few more females ease some of his plight?

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