Parenting 101

I like to leave cichlid fry with their parents for as long as possible, primarily because the parents will do a better job of raising the fry than I will.  I also like to spawn cichlids in community aquariums, if possible, so that I can watch the interactions between the parents, their fry and the other fish in the tank.  Care mus be taken to ensure that none of the fish in the tank are harmed too much, and the best way to prevent permanent damage is to use large tanks.

This video shows a pair of wild-caught Pelvicachromis pulcher raising a brood of fry in a 75-gallon aquarium.  Other fish in the aquarium include an extra male krib, a small group of Melanotaenia vanhuerni rainbow fish and a breeding pair of Hemichromis cf. lifilili ‘Moanda’.  I spend a lot of time watching this pair, and what strikes me is how the parents provide the basic requirements that fry need to survive:  food, shelter and protection from threats.  Enjoy…

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