Nannacara aureocephalus ‘Sounourou’

Not all of the cichlids I keep are from West Africa.  Here is a group of cool dwarf cichlids from French Guiana, Nannacara aureocephalus ‘Sounourou’.  I got them as small juveniles in November, 2011, from Cris Moscarell.  I have found the species to be very slow growing, and they are just now starting to show some spawning behavior.  The females wear a very chromatic black and yellow pattern, so you will be able to pick out the spawning female from the group.

The tank is a 25 gallon (36″x13″x13″) filtered with a Poret foam matten filter (air driven).  The tetras you see in the video are Hyphessobrycon peruvianus.  I am using about 1/2 RO in this tank to soften the water, but I am not adjusting pH.  If the pair does nto spawn soon, I will switch to straight RO for a while.  If that does not work I will start to drop the pH a bit.  Hopefully I will be able to shoot another video of this species in a few weeks… when they are raising fry!

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  1. Ted,

    I’ve spawned these in Montgomery County, MD tap water. They seem to like unchanged water and little flower pots with a 1.5″ diameter at the top, and 1″ at the bottom (purchased at a crafts store).

    The male spawns with multiple females and does not help raise the fry. my pH ranges from around7-7.6, maybe sometimes lower, I can’t say I check that often. The females only seem to successfully raise the fry if I pull the other fish from the tank following a spawn.

  2. Hi Ted,
    have you spawned these Nannacara Aureocephalus yet? I know this is an old post so had to ask?
    I have spawned a pair just recently (11-10-14) in 90% grocery store R/O water at a P.H. of 6.5
    My house supplied well water is an 8.2p.h. @ 5 degrees G.H. so I will gradually add it in as they mature and drop the p.h. to 6.5 as the fry grow older so others can raise these in more general water parameters. (Seattle water) I’m a member of the G.S.A.S. and have heard you spoke with our club as well as Mike Wise but missed both talks!
    Hope you have had success with this species as they’re very cool to have.
    I’m feeding hard boiled egg yellow centers filtered through a brine shrimp net as a first food and adding in Banana worms when they can take them.
    So far it’s working well!

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