New Product: SuperPig – color supplement

One of the advantages of feeding Repashy Superfoods is the ease of supplementing the food with extra ingredients.  I have used Repashy Superfood to administer medications with great success (more on that coming up soon).  Allen and I have talked for quite a while about producing a color enhancement food… all the other food companies have one!  But we came to the conclusions that A) Repashy Superfoods already contain a healthy complement of color enhancing ingredients, and B) you are buying the food for its superior nutrition… not as a color enhancer.

Each of the Repashy Superfood formulas are designed for a specific purpose, and when you find the one your fish do best on, you are unlikely to switch to a more broad-based nutrition just to get the color enhancer.  HOWEVER… enhancing a fish’s color naturally through the use of carotenoids and other natural ingredients is an attractive idea.  We have a compromise for you…

Super Pig – Pigment Enhancement Formula.  This gel food supplement can be added to any Repashy Superfood before mixing up the gel to give your fish a little color boost.  And you do not need a lot of it!  All of the Repashy Superfoods already have some of Super Pig’s effective ingredients in them.  Supplementing 1/4 cup of dry food powder with one tablespoon of Super Pig is all that you need to kick the food into a powerful color enhancer.  Give it a try!


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  1. I would be very interested to know how you can add medications to repashy. It is great food and so easy to make, but there isn’t enough time from microwave to cooling down before it sets, in order to add any medications.
    Thanking you in advance.

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