A Visit to Dave Herring’s Fish Room

Dave Herring is the owner/operator of a long-established aquarium maintenance company in Indianapolis:  African Adventure.  I knew Dave casually as another ‘fish guy’ when I was doing the retail aquarium thing in Bloomington and Indianapolis over 20 years ago.  I ran into Dave at the ACA convention this past July.  He was wearing a t-shirt that I designed and sold at the Louisville ACA convention… back in 1992!

Dave built himself an awesome fish house on the back end of his garage, and he is justifiably proud of it.  He invited some friends and I over for a visit on the Sunday of the convention.  Dave is also the leader of a rock band, and he built a ‘party’ room for his band to perform over the fish house.  Dave’s fish are probably the rockin’est cichlid in the midwest.  Here is Dave’s fish room.  Enjoy!

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