Fry Rack – Part 1

The most recently completed project in the fish room is a rack of plastic bins for growing fry.  I needed more space for small fry, and I wanted to design a system that would be faster and easier to change the water in.  The end product is a rack of twelve 6-gallon bins plumbed to permit flow-through water changes.  Since plastic bins of shallow water are hard to control the temperature in, the rack is also equipped with under-bin heating.  It has been up and running for just about two months, and I am very happy with the results.  This project will be presented in two parts.  The first covers how to assemble the rack, and the second how to install the bins and water change/heating systems.

4 Replies to “Fry Rack – Part 1”

  1. How much did that all cost? Wood, screws etc.

    Asking since I’m planning on constructing a fish room but undecided if I should buy the commercial shelving or do my own .if the price range are similar ill have a better idea.

    1. Building wood racks is a lot cheaper than commercial shelving. One of my rack units, which fits five 10’s, four 15’s and four 20’s cost less than $30 to build.

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