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  1. I love your fry rack and have something similar in mind. I am curious though what brand and size container are those? I’m looking to house angelfish, blue rams, bn pleco, bolivian ram, and a few other different species and can’t find what type of containers people are using. Thank you for so many informative videos.

    1. Hi Michael,

      I wish I could tell you a brand. We have a club member who works at a plastic injection company that makes these bins, and she brings a few to each club meeting that are not up to par. I do not know what company is marketing the bins. THey hold about 8 gallons. They are 14″ wide, 20″ long and about 8″ deep.

  2. Ted: love the fry rack and am planning on building one two questions, I notice you put hornwort in the buckets but no lights, how well do the plants do and is there a thermostat on the heating cable and if so how well does it work

    1. Hi John,

      The hornwort will not thrive in the bins, but it lasts for a few weeks before it starts to suffer. I have it growing all over the room, so I such rotate handfuls out once a week or so. The plants that have been in the bins bounce back very quickly. The hornwort I use is found in a lot of WI aquarist tanks. It is a native species that is easier to grow than the stuff from Florida. The heat cables are not thermostatic, but the last time I put together a system like this I invested in a rheostat (ZooMed sells one for use with the cables they sell for reptiles… same basic product I am using). I went without a rheostat just to see if it needed it, and I have not needed it. The cables pass three times under each bin, and the water stays a constant 78F (in a room that is about 74 this time of year).

  3. How long do you keep the fry in the jars/fry cups? Also what’s a fry cup ( is it just a cup with an airstone) dose it have any kind of filtration and is it suitable for apisto species?


    1. Hi Darek,

      I use 1-liter plastic beakers for fry cups… because I happen to have a ton of them. All I do is use an air stone and change water every other day (50%). Apistos do fine in fry cups.

  4. I really liked your fry rack, it is a great idea for raising fry and keeping the costs to a minimum. I do want to mention one weakness in your rack, even though each bin only holds a few gallons I’m sure the weight is considerable when you add it all up and include the wood, tubing, etc., with that in mind a screw that is used in the end grain of a board is very weak, so when you connected the two sides of the stand together it would be smart to use a couple of screws that go through the furring strip into the corner 2 by 4 for greater support, this way the screw grabs the cross grain in both boards and is much stronger.
    Never mind this minor detail, I am really impressed with your skills in design and build, plus your fishroom is just great and thank you for sharing your experience with us.

    1. That is a great observation. Thanks! The screw is not bearing the weight of the rack, but I can see where the problem you pointed out would be an issue if the rack were to become imbalanced and twist… there is nothing to stop it from ‘folding up’ if those screws into the cross grain experience some shear force that rips them out.

  5. I really liked your fry rack, but I have a question about the water changes. The bins are going to drain water from the bulkhead level and above. What about the water below the bulkhead? Does the sponge filter plus the water exchange create enough turbulence so it mixes in the water column, or does it get stagnant as waste accumulates at the bottom?

    1. Hi Kathy,

      When water enters the bins it stirs up the waste thoroughly. Solid wastes still accumulate, but every time I empty a bin of fry I clean it out. The fry are in the bins for only about 4-8 weeks, so they are not going forever without a scrubbing.

  6. I love your rack! I have the same thing in my fish room. I was wondering how you heat the water that you use for the water changes. Do you have a vat of preheated water or do you adjust it at the faucet?

    1. I have an aging vat with a circulation pump (sump pump) that generates enough heat to warm the water in the vat… sometimes too warm!

  7. hey there i love this idea and am in the process of building a system just like this with a few small mods but my qstn is where can i get these fittings u use or what are they called all the ones here in australia have a threat but no solid front on them so when you fit the bulk heat they just pull right on through the tub

    please help asap lol

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