Introducing the Repashy Feeding Disc!


Here is a cool little gadget for feeding Repashy Superfood to fish that will not go to the bottom to eat.  The disc is a shallow bowl made from fired ceramic with a rough surface.  In inside of the bowl is scored so that the gel food will adhere to it better.  Pour hot gel into the bowl, let it set and then use a suction cup with a hook to suspend the food at any level in the aquarium you want to.  The discs are also great for making feeding stations on the substrate.  I like to place three or four on the bottom of aquariums with colonies of plecos or other loricarid catfish, so that each fish has its own dish to defend.  Otherwise, those territorial cats tend to fight over the food!  The discs are available in the store in sets of 4, 8 and 12.  Here is a video on how to use them:

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