The Dark Knight Paradise Gouramie

The common name of this fish is all it took for me to want it (I am a bit of a batman fan).  The pictures sealed the deal.  This is a typical paradise gouramie in just about every way, except that it comes from some pretty temperate climates and prefers its habitat cool.  I am probably keeping them too warm, but that will change with I give them the 75 planted tank in the living room.  That aquarium stays in the low seventies, and dips into the high 60’s in the Winter.  I have a group of six, but these two are the pair.  They colored up nicely this week, but I think the water is too warm for them to spawn.  Hopefully moving them to a colder tank will help.  Cool fish!  (literally… LOL).

7 Replies to “The Dark Knight Paradise Gouramie”

  1. Hy, very nice Makropodus….
    it may depend on where they are from but we have a ‘population of them in outside ponds (central europ) and they even survive winters under ice….


  2. Yo. Very nice. I like the soundtrack. Did you ever get these to spawn for you? I’m thinking of getting some for the 180 with a school of white clouds. I will pull the heaters and let the temp fall into the 50s over the winter.

  3. Hey, I need to have this stunning fish, where or how did you get them? Please let me know I’ve been looking for years in the states and no one seems to have any

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