Danios, Rasboras and Barbs

I needed to get some photos of some of my smaller fish, so I placed a couple dozen of each into my 30-gallon planted photo tank.  I am always amazed at how cool a tank full of very small fish looks.  The three species in there are the classic harlequin rasbora (Trigonostigma heteromorpha), the relatively new micro-danio with the common name of neon yellow rasbora (Microdevario kubotai) and the very old school (but hard to find today) African fire barb (Barbus fasciolatus).  The African barb is a very cool fish that makes a great dither in dwarf cichlid tanks, or even under schools of larger African tetras.  The harlequin rasboras are one of the most historically popular fish in the hobby… with good reason!  A school of these beauties is hard to beat for action and color.  The neon yellow microdevario is destined to become a classic.  It really is neon yellow, and a school of them looks awesome in a planted tank.  All three are available in the stock shop right now.  Enjoy…

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  1. Ted, my fasciolatus received from you are doing beautifully! They are starting to color up nicely and are plenty bold enough to get their share of food amongst the Congos and Pelvicachromis. Could no be happier with how 12 look in my 75 gallon- wish I had gotten more!

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