Disc Feeder Price Reduction and Sale

It was pointed out to me that the pricing on my disc feeders was funky, so I did a review and decided to reduce the prices on the multi packs AND put them all on sale until March 16.  10% off the reduced prices.  Here is a link to the ordering page for disc feeders:  Disc Feeders


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  1. How many 2″ shallow discs would you suggest purchasing if one cup of gel is prepared. Can the discs be frozen with gel attached to it?

    1. Hi Donald,

      A lot! Each of the shallow discs only holds a few teaspoons of the food. The deep discs hold more. What I do is lay a couple dozen discs out, fill each one and then let the leftover food set in the container I am pouring from. I then pop it out and cut it into cubes. I have never frozen the food with discs, but I do not freeze the gelled food at all. I keep it in a fridge (covered) until I use it, usually within a few days.

  2. Hi I am interested in getting some Repashy food for my little betta and a set of the feeding disc.
    I have been searching around and I am see that Meat Pie is what I need to feed him.
    Is this what you recommend for a Betta?
    Also which size disc do you recommend for them? I am assuming a 2″ but shallow or deep?
    Also if I use the disc for food can you put already made cooled food into a disc ? Like mash it into it or does it have to be poured before cooling to get it in there?
    Also one last question. Since I won’t be using much of the food at a time is it possible to cut it down small enough that I won’t have massive amounts made at one time. I am assuming this will be possible since most times its just a matter of calculating the differences. I really would rather not freeze it etc. Would like to make it fresh as much as possible.
    I look forward to your answers so I can get an order off for my little guy.
    If all goes well with him I plan to get a couple more.
    Ps will ghost shrimp eat it too?

    1. Hi JM
      I think I replied to you about this via email…? Spawn & Grow and Meat Pie would be the choices for a betta. A feeding disc would place a lot of food in the tank for one betta. I would not use a disc, and just feed the fish a very small amount once each day. A betta will eat the food off the bottom. You can make as much or as little as you like in a ratio of one part powder to 3 parts water by volume. Very small amounts are best mixed cold and heated in a microwave. Yes, ghost shrimp will eat it too.

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