Disc Feeder Price Reduction and Sale

It was pointed out to me that the pricing on my disc feeders was funky, so I did a review and decided to reduce the prices on the multi packs AND put them all on sale until March 16.  10% off the reduced prices.  Here is a link to the ordering page for disc feeders:  Disc Feeders



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2 Responses to Disc Feeder Price Reduction and Sale

  1. Donald Bridges Jr

    How many 2″ shallow discs would you suggest purchasing if one cup of gel is prepared. Can the discs be frozen with gel attached to it?

    • tjudy

      Hi Donald,

      A lot! Each of the shallow discs only holds a few teaspoons of the food. The deep discs hold more. What I do is lay a couple dozen discs out, fill each one and then let the leftover food set in the container I am pouring from. I then pop it out and cut it into cubes. I have never frozen the food with discs, but I do not freeze the gelled food at all. I keep it in a fridge (covered) until I use it, usually within a few days.

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