Carinotetraodon borneensis… Borneo Red Eye Puffer

I have always liked puffers, but I have not taken advantage of many opportunities to keep them.  When this species popped up I decided to import a bunch of them and see how they do.  What an awesome aquarium fish!  C. borneensis is very uncommon in the hobby, which is why we do not know a lot about it.  It is very similar to the C. irrubesco, which is more common, so we can extrapolate a lot.  My first surprise was how large he males came in.  When I think of the genus Carinotetraodon, I think of the pea puffer fron India (C. travancoricus).  The Borneo red eye is larger… but does not grow as large as the true Tetraodon sp.  I learned one lesson the hard way… do not kep them with cory cats.  You will see what I mean in the video….

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