A Visit to Anthony Mazeroll’s Fish Room

I visited the COAST aquarium club in southern California a few weeks ago, and one of our tour stops was Dr. Anthony Mazeroll’s fish room.  Dr. Mazeroll is a Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies at Soka University of America.  His work on wild fish genetics and environmental impact of humans takes him all over the world.  His fish interests are just as broad.  He has a huge DIY aquarium in his living room that is full of Lake Tanganyika cichlids.  His fish room has a fish diversity from fancy bettas to wild discus.  Dr. Mazeroll is a man truly dedicated to tropical fish, both professionally and as a hobby.  Enjoy….

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  1. Neat. I’ve seen several home made aquariums before and they always look pretty shoddy. His, however, is beautiful. It is big too. At first I thought it was pretty small, then someone stepped in front!

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