Another Day in Monterey

I just got back from a fun weekend visiting friends at the Pacific Coast Aquarium Association in San Jose, California.  Whenever I get a chance to go to northern California I make a pilgrimage to one of my favorite places, the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  I actually did not think that we would have time this trip, so I did not take any cameras with me (shocking… I know).  Luckily I had plenty of storage space in my iPhone!  Here is a video featuring three cool animals.  Leafy sea dragons are always very photogenic.  The Pharaoh cuttlefish were only 4″ long the last time I was here, and now they are all grown up and spawning!  The new fish to me, however, were the alligator pipefish.  These I am going to have to get…  Enjoy.

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