Current USA’s Satellite Freshwater LED+

Ahhhh…. LED lighting….  Finally, someone has come up with an affordable LED light that has the color spectrum needed for growing live plants.  Current USA has it on the market already:  Satellite Freshwater LED +.  I have a couple of them that I am putting through their paces.  Here is a video overview of the fixture and how it works.  The only con I have for the light is that I wish that it was more powerful.  It uses a relatively low 12 volt transformer, and the light intensity struggles to permeate water more than 16″ deep.  Over my 30 long planted tank the lighting is fine.  Over the 75… a little dim.  But intensity is not everything, and the Satellite Freshwater LED + makes up for its lack of intensity with highly customizable color spectrum.  It has 36 RGB diodes spaced close enough together to be useful.  Plus, I am told that I higher powered edition is on its way.  Check out this first video… more to come!

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  1. I saw this in action during a recent visit to Ted’s fishroom. I’ll leave the functional review to Ted and just say that it’s a new must have for gearheads, pretty impressive.

  2. I’m not sure i’d characterise this as a light for planted aquariums, it’s pretty low PAR; however, it’s a fantastic highly-customisable light for fish or low-light planted tanks and the price point is better than similar products from Fluval, Hagen, etc. For more demanding planted tanks i highly recommend checking out

    1. I agree that this light is limited, but I think the issues are more with power than with design. It is not bright enough over a 75-gallon, but it is plenty over a 30-long. RGB diodes have their limits too. A better method is probably to use separated red, blue and green diodes (or just red and blue), but then there is a space/distribution issue. This light is a great starting point, IMO, and I have been told that Current has a more powerful version on the way.

  3. I saw this youtube review and it impressed me to do a review of my own. I wish I was more of a camera’s person like you but man, you would be hearing me saying a lot of “um’s and uh’s” haha. Anyways here is my review on the Satellite Freshwater LED+ and also wanted to ask for permission to use your youtube video for my video section at the bottom with a link back of course =)

    – Jesse M.

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