Luciocephalus pulcher – Crocodile Pikeheads

Here is a short video of some cool fish that I am holding in quarantine until their permanent aquarium is ready.  Luciocephalus pulcher, the crocodile pikehead, is a predatory anabantid from south east Asia.  Not a lot is known about these fish, and the success rate with keeping them long term is pretty poor.  I am hoping to buck that trend this time (yes, I have had them before).  The fish in this group are the largest I have ever seen, and so far they are doing very well.  They are voracious eaters, and I am glad that they like black worms.  Otherwise I am not sure I could keep them well fed.  Look for more blog posts about this species in the future…

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  1. Hehe, the one near the end there went in for another meal only to realize he had no room. For a while there I was wondering why they weren’t going after the really tiny fry I could see, then I realized they were normal sized fish in a tank in the background. 😛

  2. I dont personally know the man but Mark Denaro wrote a vary good article for tfh.magazine he may be able to offer some advice about your the way your year long breeding articles with Mike Hellweg were great.

  3. Hi Steve, I’ve been looking for one of these fish for some time now. We came across one at a local fish store which had been donated (they don’t order them) and took him home. He was a great fish. Unfortunately we lost him and several other fish in a tank catastrophe. We’ve been looking for another since. Would you consider selling one, or if not, know where we could order one from? I’d appreciate your help. Thanks,

    David O.

    1. Hi David… not sure who Steve is. I do not have any of these fish at the moment. You can see my current stock list when you click on the Livestock link at the top of the page.

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