2 x 350 Aquarium Makeover

Here is a video of a recent aquarium makeover I did.  The tanks are two 350-gallon monsters set side by side so that they look like one long 700-gallon tank.  These aquariums have been running for several years, and were not very well maintained.  Unfortunately (or fortunately for me), the previous keeper was unable (or unwilling) to keep the filters clean, and the owners went looking for someone else to do the job.  I apologize for the iPhone video.  I did not think about documenting the project when I started, and the phone was all I had with me when I realized I should probably make a blog video.


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  1. Jeremy Schmit

    Imagine, 200 Cyprichromis Micros and 1,000 Neolamp Similis.
    Looks like a heck of a project Ted! Nice work.

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