Packing Fish for Shipping – Part 1

This video is the start of a new, short series on packaging and shipping fish.  I get a lot of requests for advice on shipping.  I also have a new type of insulated box that I want to show off.  This first video is dedicated to bagging the fish and packaging them to survive the rough and tumble experience of being shipped.  We will not get to the actual shipping box until the next video, but I shot them both at the same time, so the wait will not be long.

Disclaimer…  There are many, many ways to package fish for shipping.  My method has proven successful for me over a wide range of conditions and situations.  There are many shippers just as successful as I am, so if you are getting advice from one of them, and do not like the way I do it, my feelings will not be hurt.  I cannot guarantee that if you use my methods of packaging that your fish will make it through the mail without any problems.  Not even the carriers will guarantee the safety of live fish that they are handling.  That should tell us something about how the boxes are handled….


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  1. Great video, Ted! I had always assumed that the bags should be super tight with air. Thinking about it, though, if the box were dropped and the bag was super tight, I bet a lot of that shock would get transferred to the fish. I do prefer to tie the bags and it is helpful to by longer necked (20-24″) bags to do so.

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