The Smithsonian National Zoo – Amazonia

The zoo in our nation’s capital has always been one of my favorites, and the Amazonia building one of my favorite Amazon River galleries anywhere.  Matthew and I had a chance to spend 1/2 a day at the zoo on a beautiful Fall day this past October.  All the animals were out, including the male panda.  And so were the school groups….  dodging groups of screaming kids was a challenge, but we were able to beat them to Amazonia, which is a little off the beaten track in the park.  Well worth the effort hiking down to it….

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  1. Ted,

    FYI, the dovi and other ‘foreign’ cichlids were dumped in the Amazonia display by people who no longer wanted their fish. I got a behind-the-scenes tour once and the curator explained that people just smuggled in their unwanted fish and dumped them in the big tank! Crazy, right? Once they were in the tank, it was next to impossible to get them out without draining the entire thing down.
    I got to feed the fish that day from a back door to the exhibit and the sound the arapaima made when they hit the surface sounded like a gun going off. Totally cool, man. 🙂

    A little history you may remember: that exhibit used to house the polar bears way back in the day, and was rebuilt for Amazonia. 🙂

    I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself.

    Sherry Mitchell
    Potomac Valley Aquarium Society

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