Packing Fish for Shipping – Part 5

This is the last part of the series on packaging and shipping fish.  These videos are dedicated to the locking-wall styrofoam inserts for boxes.  I was turned on to these tongue and groove cut boxes a few months ago, and after working with them for a while I am sold.  These boxes are great.  Sourcing insulated boxes can be a pain, especially if you are shipping a lot of fish.  Solid foam boxes are best, but they are also expensive to purchase, plus the cost of getting them to you.  It is hard to keep the price down unless you order them hundreds at a time.  These locking panels are also expensive to ship, but their up-front cost is lower.  When the boxes are not assembled they take up a little less space than when assembled, so they are a little less expensive to ship.  But the biggest advantage, for me anyway, is to finally have a consistent packaging option that is the same every time.

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