Livebearers Like Repashy Gel Foods

One of the hardest groups of fish to deal with in the wholesale setting is livebearers.  The problems start with the shipping process, which pretty much does everything to a livebearer that one really should not do:  crowd them, keep them in poor water quality, subject them to low pH and starve them.  Once they are in the fish room the situation does not get much better.  They still need to be crowded.  I tend to spread them out into multiple tanks, but I cannot take 250 sword tails and spread them out to 25 tanks.  I can give them plenty of water changes though, and I use good Poret foam wall matten filters, so water quality is pretty stable.  The big difference, I believe, is that I am able to feed the fish a LOT of quality food.  Livebearers have a huge energy consumption, and they will eat all the time if there is food available to them.  I feed Repashy Superfood to them at least once each day, sometimes twice.  I like to mix the Soilent Green and Spawn & Grow formulas together in even amounts.  I will also use Spawn & Grow, Super Green and Red Rum, especially with swordtails, red guppies and platies.  The fatty acids in Spawn & Grow make a big difference in the health and vitality of the fish, the greens give the fish the plant matter they like and the Red Rum boosts color quickly and brightly.  The fish learn very quickly that Repashy Superfood is good to eat.  The video clips were shot after these farm-raised fish were in the fish room only 48 hours.

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