Packing Corydoras Catfish for Shipping – Part 2

Here is the conclusion of the shipping cory cats video…

2 Replies to “Packing Corydoras Catfish for Shipping – Part 2”

  1. wow, those spines are wicked. Thanks so much for showing this. On my next shipment of corys I will make sure to get it right. Excellent tutorial.

    I saw you were using heat packs in this. My concern right now, being hot with daytime temps in the 90s, is if using any type of cooling pack is necessary and what kind to use. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks

    1. Hi April… no heat packs when the lows are over 60F. I do not ship when the high is over 85 here in WI. When the highs are over 85 at the destination, I insist upon Priority Overnight so that that the box arrives by 10:30 AM, before the heat of the day.

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