Packing & Shipping Corydoras Catfish – Part 1

We have covered the basics of shipping fish, now let’s take a look as some of the specific types of fish and some special considerations for shipping them.  First up, armoured catfish of the Genera Corydoras, Brochis and other similar species.  Catfish are probably some of the more difficult fish to ship because of their frequent puncturing of the bag and the toxic skin excretions.  These challenges can be overcome with a few tricks in packing, which I share in the video (in two parts).  Enjoy…

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  1. Man, I wish I had seen this before sending my first shipment of corys. None of them made it. Thankfully my customer was happy to get a free of charge shipment of beautiful fancy guppies. I felt awful, I didn’t know about the toxin. Probably did them in. 🙁

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