Ted’s NEW Fishroom – Aquariums & Racks

There are many factors that you need to consider when planning a new fish room, but one of the first is to decide what size tanks are needed and a lay out for the racks (at least a rough layout… the final result rarely fits exactly).  The numbers and sizes of the tanks will define the racks, which in turn will guide the layout.  The other systems are dependent upon that.  Think of the aquariums and racks as the functional skeleton of the fish room.  It is the framework around which the rest of the room will be built.  Here is a video about the tank sizes I used, the racks I built for them and how they are laid out in the room to make use of space.


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  1. Wow Ted! Cool! Hope to see you soon. Just got my 135 cycled and ready for cool fish, and a fish room in the basement.

  2. Hey Ted, Great videos and Great information on setting up fish rooms. I like your new racks.. Would it be possible to have a material list and maybe a rough blueprint. I think the versitelity of the smaller tanks will work better in my fish room build. Also I resently bought a used air pump ( ap40) for my room. When I was installing the rebuild kit to freshen it up before using it, I was over taken by the smell of nicotine smoke residue with in the pump. I cleaned it as best I could and it’s much better. Any tips on cleaning it and do you think it could have an adverse effect on my fish? Thanks Bill Chandler. Youngstown Tropical Fish Society

    1. Hi Bill,

      I have not cleaned an air pump like that, so I do not know the best way. I do not think that the smell will affect your fish though.

      Sorry, nor drawn up plans for materials lists. You can see a more detailed video in my video index on building dado-cut racks. That should give you a better idea of what you need.

  3. How’s has it’s going!

    I have a question regarding your wholesale fishroom.

    I notice there weren’t any heaters in the tanks shown in the video.
    How do you keep the tempeture regulated?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. My fish room is in a dedicated building, so I use the building’s furnace to control temp. THe thermostat is in the fish room.

  4. Hey Ted, Great video and very informative as always.

    Quick questions, do you also have e video of the actual tank racks construction?

    Thanks in advance.

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