Repashy Superfood Changes

Repashy Inc. has discontinued the 4oz bag sizes of all their foods, so everything I have in 4oz is the last of the product in that size.  The replacements will be a 3oz jar and a 6oz jar, so we are losing one size and getting two in return.  The 3oz is a great size for trying the product for the first time, and the 6oz jar is a better value than the 4oz bag was.  The 4oz bags will remain in the stock shop until they are sold out.  The 3oz and 6oz jars will be available as soon as I take my first shipment of them later this week.

3 Replies to “Repashy Superfood Changes”

  1. I would like to feed it to my ADF but want to make sure it is something they will eat. Also will the Bumble Bee Dart frog eat it as a tadpole and when he turns into a land frog.

    1. Hello Sis… Is an “ADF” and ‘albino dwarf frog’? If so, yes they will eat Repashy food. Dart frog tadpoles will eat the gel food also, but not the adults. They will need live food.

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