What is it?

I recently imported a lot of dwarf cichlids from the Czech Republic, and the fish in this video was sold as sp. ‘Abacaxis’, which it most certainly is not!  What is it?  I have not been able to nail it down with the key in the Mergus atlas.  I think it may be caetei or regani, but those are not quite right either.  If you know, please tell me!

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  1. Hey Ted,
    It’s hard to get good enough look from my cell phone screen. Looks like A. Cruzi. Hope we get a confirmation. Yeah, definitely not abacaxis.

    1. They are definitely not “Abacaxis”. I kept “Breitbinden” before and they look nothing like them. A. cruzi has bicolor caudal fin which your fish lack. Most people confuse the more popular A. sp. Nanay (A82) that are widely collected as cruzi (A83). If the males start to develop an overall blue body coloration then it may be that but I see no sign of that from the video. My best guess base on the body pattern on some of them as well as the circular spot at the caudal peduncle look more like A. cf. taeniata or A. sp. “Wangenflecken”.

    1. Thanks…. but I do not think that the tail shape is right for breitbinden, and the pattern on the body is different too. Still not sure…

  2. BTW, did you get the same Czech shipment with Jeff from Aquatic Clarity or vice versa? He got some A. trifasciata maciliensis/A. erythrura which he thought were A. erythrura. I had to post pictures of my A. erythrura to let him know he got overpriced A. trifasciata.

    1. I am keeping these fish to grow out and spawn, regardless, so I am not too worried about permanent fin damage. It is not genetic. The shipper is of the opinion that the fish are probably caetei, based upon what he has left that were mislabeled. They could be that, but the images in Mergus 1 are not all that good. These fish are certainly mean enough to be caetei.

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