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Updates stock list is up for next week delivery.  New fish include


Betta albimarginata – young adults… very nice!

Betta unimaculata – HUGE!  Only three pairs, so snap them up quick.

Chocolate gouramies…. three species:  regular, cherry and Vaillant’s

Crossocheilus reticulatus… siamese-type algae eater that is reported to eat brush algae

Tuberschistura arakenensis… nano species, rosy loach

2nd-day shipping is now available for $35 or actual rice + $15% (whichever is lower).  Live arrival is not guaranteed on any shipping slower than overnight.  We are still pretty cold here in WI (expecting more snow tonight… uhg), but next week should be ok.

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April 3, 2014 · 3:43 am

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  1. Dave Yoder

    I picked up B. unimaculata and B. albimarginata, both are fantastic fish. Eating well. The B. unimaculata are HUGE!

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