Wet Spot Tropical Fish

A few weeks ago I went on the trip out to Portland, Oregon, to give a talk to the Portland A. S., and while I was there I had the chance to visit a store that I have really wanted to visit for a long time:  The Wet Spot Tropical Fish.  Marcie and Steve Lundblad have established a great store.  Easily one of the best in the USA.  A video is worth a thousand words…. Enjoy.


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  1. yes, i’ve known Wet Spot from visits there these past few years myself. they’re outstanding from 2 points IMO: the vast extent of rarely seen freshwater species, and how you can depend on unwaveringly perfect fish health (due to the extent of their new arrival quarantine regimen)

    1. Was my negative comments about wetspot taken down? I think people should know they are not particularly good and competent to deal with. I won’t do business with them ,even if they have fishes I would really like to own.

      1. Hello Less…. I did not see a comment from you, other than this one. I am sorry that you had a bad experience with The Wet Spot. In general, however, I am careful about posting negative comments. The Wet Spot is one of the larger retailers in the country that ships fish, and are by an large better than most retailers of that size. The Wet Spot has employees, however, and consistency is hard to maintain when lots of people are involved. Not an excuse… a reason. My system is different because I am a one-man operation. I will occasionally get some help from a friend on a heavy packing day, but I am able to inspect 100% of the fish that are sent out and do 100% of the final packing. And still there are mistakes that happen. The difference between good and bad retailers is how they respond to problems. If you have not ordered fish from my list, please give me a try.

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